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Fire The fire, also known as the great fire, was a fire that took place in Thunder Rising within Clear Sky's territory. The fire was started by careless Twolegs and their campfire, which quickly spread to the forest. Gray Wing, one of the moor cats, leads a group to rescue his brother Clear Sky and his cats. However, they are quickly trapped by. Updated July 15, 2022. Added new codes. All Beekeepers! Codes List (Working) mysticalmadness —Redeem for 1 Mystical Jelly (New) absolutelyinsane1m —Redeem for Treats and Boosts (New) sorryfortheshutdown —Redeem for 1 Yellow Iced Treat and 2 Daffodil Field Boosts. 250kvisits —Redeem for a 24 hour Party Boost, 3 White Iced Treats, and a. 2. Border patrol. Take them on a tour of the Clan territory. This is a standard tradition that (most) Clans do. This will also allow the apprentice to study their surroundings and get used to them. This is also a good time to show them the best hunting areas for the most abundant amount of prey. 3.
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