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Exploding Destroyer USS Shaw during Pearl Harbor Attack 7 December 1941. US Navy in World War II. US Navy grew rapidly during World War 2 from 1941–1945, and played the central role in the war against Japan, and (after Royal Navy) a major role in the European war against Germany and Italy. Subfolders. THE US NAVY and Department of Defense (DoD) have sparked a wave of fears after their newest, uncrewed 'ghost ship' was seen firing a salvo of missiles during a 'game-changing' weapons test. Alaska and Guam left the United States and joined up with Task Force 58 at the Ulithi Atoll fleet anchorage in February and March 1945, respectively. Since the Imperial Japanese Navy was almost all at the bottom of the Pacific by this point in the war, the ships provided anti-aircraft defense for the aircraft carriers and took part in shore bombardment missions. This is an analysis of that incident, which led to a dangerous standoff with a nuclear armed Russian fleet. During the 1971 War, as the Indian.
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