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How to Negotiate Salary with your Hiring Manager. How to get your business registered in Nigeria. How to become a Gokada GPartner. #fanfiction #relatable #tumblr memes #tumblr #attack on titan #harry potter # percy jackson #mortal instruments #the umbrella academy #my hero academia #fiction #books #shingeki no kyojin #yeah this is the only tag i can think of #carry on. It drifted out of the temple, poorly situated at the edge of Mount Olympus, and jumped off the ledge flailing on its way down 600 floors. The winds blew, and carried the creature to a new destination. Aphrodite reformed only to find her creation gone. Panicked, she searched around, finding no evidence that it left. Aphrodite was a nurturing mother and took many opportunities to expose her children to the world, events and various cultures. With the help of her children, she was able to control a large population with her seductive powers and ability to control the behaviors of men. Aphrodite represents a feminine archetype that is loving, caring, sexual.
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