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Best Thermal Scope Under $500: AGM Secutor TS25-384; The Best Thermal Scope for Under $2,000: ATN Thor HD 384 2-8x; Best Thermal Scope for Budget: ATN Thor 4 384 1.25-5x; Ideal for hunting: ATN Thor LT 160 3-x; The best thermal scope for hunting ... Diy thermal goggles. facebook lock up. Wire the lights to the 3-volt, button-cell battery and glue the battery to the side of the goggles. Ensure there is a battery on each side of the goggles so each set of lights has a battery. Leave the plus wire short so it does not touch or tape it down so it isn't able to make contact. get your glasses and cut the shape of the lenses on the red and blue sheets remember there must be 1 red and 2 blue sheets for a single eyepiece put the lenses back on to the goggles now glue the led cluster on the top of the goggles te led can be attached in parrallel or seris as you want connect it to the battery via a switch done.
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